HDR e SDR grading services in a room with 5.1 audio.

Live streaming SDR or HDR feed for external cilent with quality and security.

Team management and workflow development.

DCPs, HDR mastering and all types of delivery your project needs.


Digital Image Technician: on-set color management, livegrade, livefx, dailies, HDR and SDR monitoring and focus on preserving the creative intent on set. Quality Control, monitor calibration and live streaming.

Data integrity, safety, transport and backup of camera and sound files.

Signal distribution from camera to set.

Digital Lab

Monitor calibration and evaluatino services with PVA (Professional Video Alliance) certified professionals.

Camera, lenses and equipements tests done with our own methodology.

We make sure each project is on the proper delivery specifications.


End-to-end HDR workflows, broadcast and all sorts of projects. Our consulting services goes through every stage of the image: from capture to delivery. 

On-demand tailored to the needs of your company or production.

Assessment of current infrastructure and development of an investment plan for the future.

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Leave your information and a message for us and let's do your next project!

Leave your information and a message for us and let's do your next project!

Simplifying and expanding the possibilities of audiovisual productions with HDR.

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All rights reserved.

© 2023 - Nits.Lab All rights reserved.